Ten Minute Taste: Home

What’s going on in PS Home? It’s a question I wanted to explore late last evening after I finished messing with Trine. I’ve had the Sony’s social thing on my PS3’s HD since the beta debuted, but I haven’t wandered the digital streets since the release of Capcom’s Resident Evil 5 space moons ago.

You won’t see this in the above, but the process of me jumping back into Home had a few steps. First, I was forced to download and install two patches. Then, I had to the re-download the essential areas again, which took a few minutes because things have changed since I visited in March this year. A good example of this is The Central Plaza, which is much bigger and has a 400 times the amount of advertising in it.

Anyway, so, what’s going on in PS Home? Not much other than loading.

I had this grand idea for the TMT in the header above: I would walk around the Central Plaza, mess with a few people, go into the Mall and buy some new clothing (to ditch the InFamous attire I had somehow unlocked), and then visit the somewhat new Uncharted 2: Among Thieves space.

Instead, I spent the majority of my time loading areas, dancing, watching people argue via chatpads, and looking through their translucent Avatars. I did manage to hit the Mall before the 10 minutes were up, but after trying to apply the saucy 15-cent Uncle Sam hat I purchased for my Avatar, the game just … froze.

And then I deleted Home.

Brad BradNicholson