Ten Minute Taste: Everybody’s Refreshment demo

Minna no Sukkiri may not sound familiar to you at first, but you may have played some of the series games. We know them here as Hot Shots series. It doesn’t exactly translate, as “minna” means everyone or everybody.  They are the same games, though, just with a name change that came with localization.

One Minna no game we are probably not going to see is Minna no Sukkiri, which means Everybody’s Refreshment. This is basically a PSP minigame collection to keep your mind fresh and alert. There have been a few different demos released in Japan, and the newest one is a partnership with a Japanese television variety show with a similar name, Sukkiri

In this demo, you’re slamming pies in the faces of the television personalities. It’s actually pretty fun. In our Ten Minute Taste, watch on as I do fairly well in the standard mode. Another game type randomly replaces faces with bombs. If you pie these bombs, it’s game over. I finally get the hang of it before it’s all said and done.

[“Ten Minute Taste” is something new we’re trying here at Destructoid. Simply put, we’ll rip the first ten minutes of a game to video — loading screens, warts and all, no commentary to sway you in any direction — so you can judge it and experience it exactly as you would when you first pop the game in. Let us know what you think.

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