Ten Minute Taste: Armored Core 3 Portable

This PSP download is a good candidate for our Ten Minute Taste videos, as it has a really cinematic opening and great sound. The game itself is no slouch either. You’ll see the opening, some of the menus, and a bit of the first couple of missions in the game in our video.

To tell you the truth, I didn’t know much about Armored Core until I got this. Good game, though. I’ve been playing it quite a bit here lately. Customizing mechs, blowing sh*t up — you know the deal. The controls are fine on the PSPgo, but I’ve been using the DualShock3 to control it today, and that’s way better. It kind of makes sense, as the game was originally a PS2 title.

Damn fine videogame, I’d say. Worth the price, definitely. It’s available on the PlayStation Network right now for the very nice price of $14.99.

Dale North