Ten bucks for Rocket League and Shadow of Mordor on PC make a return

Mr. Hamilton will get you access this weekend

Move over Jackson/Tubman/whoever’s on the bill these days, because you only need a Hamilton now for Rocket League.

This weekend, Green Man Gaming is running two sales, with hot discounts on a few notable titles. Rocket League drops to $9.60 after instant savings plus coupon combo, which just so happens to be its best price ever.

Also included on the historic low price train are LEGO: Jurassic World, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, and Mad Max. Perfect deals, especially if you missed out on the last time Rocket League was on sale for under $10.

Use coupon: DEALZON20

New Lows:

Warner Bros. Sale:

More Weekend Deals:

The discounts are this weekend only and expire on Monday, May 2 at 9am Pacific. Be sure to enter the coupon code DEALZON20 at checkout to reap the full savings.

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