Tempest Rising looks to bring classic RTS action into the modern era

Tempest Rising

You will command, and possibly even conquer

Old-school strategy fans are getting a new game to watch out for today. Tempest Rising is a new real-time strategy game, harkening to the golden age of RTS action, aiming to uplink in 2023.

Tempest Rising is in development at Slipgate Ironworks, in collaboration with THQ Nordic and 3D Realms. THQ debuted the game today, at its THQ Nordic showcase.

Taking up command at one of three factions, Tempest Rising looks to have its own take on history as well. The Global Defense Force and the Tempest Dynasty clash with each other, played out in two single-player campaigns.

The 15-mission campaigns will have players customize their army between missions, adapting and growing as they fight. All the while, they’re trying to figure out what’s going on with those wild Tempest vines.

It’s very GDI vs. Nod, and in general, the gameplay reminds me a ton of Command & Conquer. It’s got base-building and distinct factions, each of which has its own economy and play style. And of course, in-between missions, talking head cutscenes with commanders about the war effort.

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Still, if Electronic Arts isn’t getting around to making a new Command & Conquer anytime soon, I’m open to some new competition in the field. The remastered collection was like reopening a time capsule, and getting to experience that joy of building up bases and rolling armies of tanks across the field to the kickin’ soundtrack again was fantastic.

Tempest Rising looks like it will try to rekindle some of that magic, it seems. And it’s bringing the right features, too. Alongside the campaign, there will also be skirmishes, custom games, and ranked matchmaking with Elo ratings.

The old days of real-time strategy can feel a bit long-gone at this point, but I’m keen to see if Tempest Rising can put a modern spin on this and make something interesting for old armchair commanders. Hopefully we’ll see some more as we head into 2023.

You can find Tempest Rising on Steam here.

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