Honkai: Star Rail Tempering Workshop: A Fresh Start!
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Tempering Workshop: A Fresh Start! location in Honkai Star Rail

Someone may have hid this paper too well

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Once you’ve progressed far enough in Honkai: Star Rail‘s main story missions you will have the objective of meeting Clara at the Tempering Workshop. Simply finding the Tempering Workshop isn’t even the hard part, however. A later part of the mission has you searching for a specific readable note in the area.

While this may sound easy, actually finding the note can be challenging if you don’t know where to look. Thankfully, we have found the Tempering Workshop: A Fresh Start! location Honkai: Star Rail for you.

Tempering Workshop location in Honkai Star Rail
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Where to find the Tempering Workshop in Honkai: Star Rail

First things first, let’s make sure to pinpoint the exact location of the Tempering Workshop. It can be found on the planet Jarilo-VI and more specifically in Rivet Town. The workshop doesn’t have an actual marker on the map indicating its location, but you can find it by going to the roughly rectangular shape on the west side of the map. If you look at the screenshot above, the entire area where the blue player arrow is can be considered the Tempering Workshop.

You are in the right place when you see a collection of monitors against the wall and a big table with notes in the center. Once you are on the proper quest you will meet with Clara who will continue the mission for you. If you are not on the quest, be sure to remember this location because you will come back here a couple of times. Being level 34 or higher and having completed the mentioned mission can lead to you receiving a text with a new side quest. This side quest will eventually lead to you needing to find the elusive readable note.

Tempering Workshop: A Fresh Start! location in Honkai Star Rail
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Where to find Tempering Workshop: A Fresh Start! in Honkai: Star Rail

With all the notes scattered amongst the table in the center of the workshop, you will probably look there first. Unfortunately, the note is not there. Instead, look to the left of the monitors on the back wall and you should see a bulletin board. Approaching the board, you should highlight a glistening paper. This is in fact the Tempering Workshop: A Fresh Start! readable entry. Collecting this paper will add the entry in your collection and also progress the quest!

If you are having trouble finding the paper, look at the above screenshot. Once you have collected the paper it will no longer show on the board, so if you don’t see it you may have already grabbed it. To check, view your collections in the menu and look for the entry.

With the collectible found you can now sit back and wait for the release of Kafka with the rest of us!

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