Telltale to reveal new franchise at E3

Telltale Inc. has sold over one million downloadable episodes in its five-year history, a celebratory press release informed us yesterday. And on the heels of that milestone, the studio is to unveil a new franchise at E3 — one that will hopefully have its share of success with Telltales’ others, which includes Wallace & Gromit, Strong Bad’s Game for Attractive People, and Sam & Max.

Telltale is, understandably, keeping tight-lipped about the new franchise. The only information we have on it is that simple tease. No platform, no pricing, and no hints were given.

I recently sent out hundreds of e-mails asking for more details. Unfortunately, I accidently used the wrong contact address. Tom Tale of Indianapolis, Indiana doesn’t have any more information on the release and has threatened to file charges against us for harassment. Sorry, Tom.

Brad BradNicholson