Telltale plans to implement cloud saving

Add yet another account to the list

Telltale Games rep Job Stauffer recently confirmed that cross-platform saving, most recently seen in Minecraft: Story Mode, is something the company plans to implement going forward. The feature is exclusive to Telltale Games Account users, and is only available for players who split their time between PC/Mac and mobile.

Although Minecraft is currently the only title that provides cloud saving, Stauffer told us that we would see the feature utilized in future Telltale games “for sure.” Additional platforms are also a possibility, which sounds great for people like me who start these titles on consoles before remembering that they should be played on PC first and foremost.

Stauffer mentions the feature was inspired by the user continuity seen in streaming services like Netflix and Amazon; if you’re watching CW’s excellent science-fiction drama The 100 in one room on your Roku before getting kicked off the device by your family, you can move to your Xbox One in the other room and pick up where you left off. It’s something that definitely makes sense for an account-based streaming service, maybe a little less so for most video games.

But it definitely fits for Minecraft: Story Mode, at the very least. Kids are the target demographic for this brand, no getting around that. Since modern children split their time between dedicated gaming systems and mobile devices so frequently (I’ve seen ice-blooded children play Five Nights at Freddy’s on their iPod in an Outback Steakhouse without flinching), it makes sense to have both versions of the game in lockstep. I bet Telltale is hoping those kids find something to appreciate in the Telltale House Style™, bringing their double-dip habits over to the company’s next release.

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