Telltale launches Back to the Future Facebook game

To promote the 25th Anniversary of Back to the Future and their upcoming episodic adventure series based on the films, Telltale Games has released their first Facebook game, Back to the Future: Blitz Through Time. It’s something of a Bejeweled clone in which you quickly match up sets of three or more colored balls to increase the DeLorean’s speed and reach the all-important 88 mph to activate the time circuits and travel to a new region (and put more time on your clock).

The game itself isn’t fantastic, but it’s fun diversion for a few minutes. That said, after a few games and hearing the sound clips from the film a few times, I managed to become hyped up enough that I ran over to Amazon and picked up the Blu-Ray release of the film trilogy. Maybe there’s something to this social game marketing after all.

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