Telltale asks, ‘What is the Mystery of Scoggins?’

The third season of Sam & Max isn’t the only thing up Telltale Games’ sleeves, apparently. The adventure game developer’s official website has a new link to an odd flash-animated page that we’ll assume for now is a game teaser. The page asks “What is the Mystery of Scoggins,” and promises that we’ll “Learn More May 4th.”

The hand-drawn art on the flash site can be interacted with. If you place the cursor on the factory window, for example, a bearded gnome pops up from the smoke stack. This gnome appears to be no different than the one featured on the main page, daring us to enter and thus intrigued. Also, take notice of the little guy walking around below with a heavy coat and snowcap perfect for the winter-themed setting of the picture. Something tells us this dude is a protagonist. He just sorta gives off that vibe, right?

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