Teleporting stealth game Twin Souls lives on as Aragami

Coming to PC and PS4 this fall

Oh good! Twin Souls, that Tenchu-inspired undead-assassin game, still exists. It’s now known as Aragami, which should help it stand out better, and the footage in this re-reveal trailer is more exciting than what I remember of Lince Works’ 2014 Kickstarter campaign. Pleasant surprises all around!

On the PlayStation Blog, studio director David León says he sees players falling into one of two general groups — those who want to kill every last thing with extreme prejudice, and those who prefer to get past obstacles undetected. Or, “demons” and “ghosts,” respectively. “In Aragami you will unlock different abilities suited to each gameplay style,” he writes. “We want to reward both types of players, as a mark of a true assassin is completing your objective using any method available.”

You can teleport to shadows and also wield shadow powers, one of which looks like a handful of bees (it’s definitely not, but let me have this one, okay?). Love the art direction.

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