Telenet Shooting Collection compiles some forgotten ’90s shmups

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Japanese studio Edia has announced that it is currently developing retro compilation Telenet Shooting Collection for Nintendo Switch. The compendium features a small handful of shmups that jetted out of developer Telenet Japan in the early ’90s, finding an audience on Sega Mega Drive and PC Engine.

The new collection is the spearhead of a project by Edia to archive the works of Telenet Japan, a developer/publisher that produced a huge library of games for the console era’s formative years. From arcade adventures to platformers, beat-’em-ups to shmups, Telenet Japan would develop and/or publish titles for a wide variety of platforms including Sega Mega Drive, MSX, PC Engine, Game Boy, and the Sharp X68000.

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The Telenet Shooting Collection will feature four titles in total: Sega Mega Drive releases Granada (1990) and Gaiares (1990), and PC Engine titles Avenger (1990) and Psychic Storm (1992). No details have been released in regards to any new modes or additional content, nor has a western localization been announced. The collection is set to launch in Japan on Nintendo Switch in the latter half of 2023.

Additionally, Edia has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Makuake to help fund the development and marketing of the title. With an achievable goal of around three million yen (around $22,000 USD), Edia hopes that the money can be put toward additional features, as well as marketing materials for the title’s official release. With the archiving of gaming’s earliest eras now more important than ever, this project is increasingly important and could bring some long M.I.A. releases to new audiences.

In related news, Cosmic Fantasy Collection will launch in Japan, December 15, on Nintendo Switch.

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