Tekken teasing major announcement next week, console tease imminent?


Tekken 7 still hasn’t been announced for consoles. It’s assumed to be coming to the PS4 and Xbox One, and hell, it even listed those platforms in a console sizzle reel trailer a while back, but Namco Bandai hasn’t confirmed any windows yet. According to Tekken’s Twitter, it looks like a “major announcement” is coming on July 7. No one knows what it is yet, but it could be anything from a new character to platform details.

Much like the Dreamcast’s (and Final Fantasy VIII‘s) fabled release of 9/9/99 (I was there!), I wish that this could be a true 7/7/77 announcement. There’s some goofy marketing I can get behind.

I really wanted to put Gon in the header above, but figured that would be too mean for all the readers out there who assumed he was the mystery announcement. I feel your pain — we all need more Gon in our lives.

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