Tekken fan-made short film coming soon, looks surprisingly not terrible

It’s almost become cliche how utterly crap video game movies are, and yet because some of you still go see them, they’re forced down our throats almost every year now. Thanks a lot guys. Those of us who aren’t bleeding from the retinas appreciate it. Jerks.

Kotaku has word of a fan-made short film coming out soon that actually, kinda, maybe looks better than whatever bastardization Hollywood would put the series through. The Jin and Bryan characters look pretty close to their in-game counterparts and I don’t see anyone in a fur suit pretending to be Kuma, so that’s always a step in the right direction! I’m not saying this won’t be crap, and it probably will, but my thumbs, which are heavily blistered from playing Tekken: Dark Ressurection on my PSP, severely want to believe that these amateurs can get it right where so many of the Hollywood glitterati have failed.

If the movie isn’t crap, Destructoid will not smash their homes on our inevitable robotic cleansing of the earth. If that isn’t motivation, I don’t know what is.

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