Tekken 7 lead annoyed you don’t like the catgirl so she’s Asia/Europe-exclusive

‘Hello small world. I’ll make muscular & skinhead character for you’

Yesterday, Tekken 7 revealed a new character with cat ears and a Japanese pop idol aesthetic designed by Fire Emblem: Awakening and No More Heroes character artist Yusuke Kozaki. Our own Destructoid’s Steven Hansen called her, “anime as hell.” Part of Hansen’s future plan for the game was becoming a good Lucky Chloe player to upset the sort of folks that would be upset about being mercilessly defeated by her. 

Seems those sort of peoples’ response to Lucky Chloe, however, has barred her from the Western release of the fighter. Or at least majorly annoyed its lead. Katsuhiro Harada, chief developer of the Tekken series, responded to a Twitter comment directing him to a NeoGAF discussion of Lucky Chloe.

By the way, Are you ‘Western’ only one bulletin board? Hello small world. I’ll make muscular & skinhead character for you,” Harada jabbed. “Remember, I said We’ve more new characters and She is ONE on THEM.”

Harada seems to have taken the American response to the design seriously, though, stating, “[Lucky Chloe is] East Asia and Europe ‘Exclusive’. and I’ll say again. We’ve more new characters on TK7. She is JUST one of them. and She will be country exclusive (or region exclusive) character. We don’t include her for your region. That’s why I said Calm down and Don’t worry.”

Asked if he is joking, Harada responded, “I’m always serious. If you don’t need = I don’t release them. If you need = I’ll release. That’s all.” Seems the response he has seen has been enough to consider removing Chloe from the North American release. 

“No, [Americans] want just Muscle & Skinhead (with Gun or MMA style) character (Of course I knew it ;)),” Harada wrote. When asked what sort of guest/crossover character he would like in the series, Harada replied, “Chuck Norris with fire arms.” Maybe Chuck Norris with fire arms replaces Lucky Chloe in the North American release?

Steven Hansen