Tekken 7 is out in June with a collector’s edition

Right before E3!

Having been in this industry a long time, I’m used to blocking off basically all of June as “the E3 month.” Everything to be around that time frame is “before E3” (BE3!) or “after E3,” and in this case, I’ll have a few good weeks with Tekken 7 before the big event actually starts.

Yep, after months of waiting around in an attempt to figure out when Tekken 7 would actually hit home consoles, Bandai Namco has announced this morning that it will arrive on June 2 on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. I am legally obligated to inform you that the Switch was not mentioned, even though the Wii U got Tekken Tag 2.

So, details! It’ll have a collector’s edition (which you can view below), as well as a season pass with “new characters, stages, a new mode, costumes, and a bonus ’35-piece’ costume pack.” The pre-order bonus is Eliza the vampire from Tekken Revolution (that free-to-play thing you probably forgot about). If you’re pre-ordering on Xbox One, you’ll get a free copy of Tekken 6, which is backward compatible with the system. On PS4 you’ll get legacy costumes for King, Xiaoyu and Jin, as well as a Jukebox mode.

It all checks out like a typical Bandai Namco release — DLC and pre-order bonuses coming out the ears. Now, we wait to see if the console version is any good. I’ll be mainlining Akuma once it hits.

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