Tekken 7 gets Idolmaster costumes, but not for the men


Namco is celebrating 10 years of Idolmaster by way of costume cross over with Tekken 7. Unfortunately, Japanese pop idol Paul coming to Idolmaster is just a joke and it seems only Tekken‘s women get pop idol attire.

In the same way I was morally outraged when only the girls of Persona 4: Dancing All Night got swimsuit DLC, I feel like we could use some parity here. Where’s the aplomb with which Tekken‘s Katsuhiro Harada dunked on “Muscle & Skinhead (with Gun or MMA style)” American players who responded negatively when the already-an-idol character Lucky Chloe was revealed?

Stick it to ’em by offering a cute dress to Jaguarface, too. He needs to cover up, anyways. His nipples are showing!

Steven Hansen