Tekken 7, Frostpunk, and Sword Art Online are next for Xbox Game Pass

I can see people trying Fatal Bullet out of curiosity

What does January 2020 have in store for Xbox Game Pass?

Grand Theft Auto V will probably be the unshakable high-profile inclusion for the month, but it’s still early days. Coming up next on Xbox One, Game Pass subscribers will have access to Frostpunk: Console Edition, a frigid wasteland city-building game full of moral dilemmas, and Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, a third-person shooter Josh rather enticingly summed up as “anime Destiny [with] rough edges.”

Tekken 7 is also joining the ranks. I’ll always respect the series for having a jaguar-headed luchador.

Here’s the far-from-finalized January schedule:

Xbox Game Pass for Console

LEGO City Undercover and Just Cause 3 are leaving “later this month,” according to Xbox.

Xbox Game Pass for PC

Those links will take you right to the store pages where you can queue up the downloads.

Tekken 7, Frostpunk, and Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass for Console [Xbox]
New with Xbox Game Pass for PC: Frostpunk, FTL: Faster Than Light [Xbox]

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