Tekken 7 adds the vampire Eliza as pre-order DLC

Goth is good

Every bit of Tekken 7 footage has looked better than the last, but Namco Bandai always seems a bit icky with how much DLC seems to be planned with each of their fighting games. Nevertheless, if the eventual DLC additions look as good as Eliza, I’m game. 

If you pre-order Tekken 7 (maybe nab the dope looking collector’s edition?), you’ll get Eliza — who first appeared in Tekken Revolution — the gothic vampire who takes a lot of naps. Her reveal trailer shows off slick dive kicks, and ground projectiles with, if I’m not mistaken, two different distances that don’t look easy to deal with.

Tekken 7 releases for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC June 2nd. Just in time for EVO.

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