Tekken 6: Hori stick, art book, new campaign mode

Take a look at what comes with the Tekken 6 bundle in Japan, releasing with the now official date of October 29th. There’s a standard version, priced at 8,379 yen ($88), but a collectors box comes with a wireless Hori fighting stick, a Fist 6 art book, and the game itself, all for 17,289 yen ($181). Both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions will get a bundle — the Xbox 360 version comes with a white stick, while the PS3 gets black. Both are adorned with Tekken 6 art.

Our version? It comes August 27th. We also get the stick bundle, but at a more reasonable price of $149. I wouldn’t image that those stick bundles last long, though, so you had better get on it. If you miss it, you’ll still get a calendar (woo) and some free Cardboard Tube Samurai DLC in the standard edition. 

Aside from this information, GameWatch also has images from the opening of the opening cinema of the scenario campaign mode, an included full-blown stage-based action game. It looks pretty serious. Apparently you can customize your character by finding items in these stages  More on this scenario mode later. For now, check out the images of the opening in our gallery.

Give him the stick? Don’t give him the stick? Who is getting this?

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