Tekken 6 goes tubby: new character is a fat guy named Bob

While other next-generation fighters are shooting for sexy, busty new character designs, it looks like the team behind Tekken is shooting for the chubby chaser crowd.

Namco Bandai’s other fighter may have just added a bit more “up top” as well as a touch more junk in the trunk on characters like Ivy and Taki, but in Tekken 6 they piled all the pounds on one new character, brilliantly named Bob. If you’re one of those gamers that always picks the cool-looking character, well… let’s just say that you’ll never use Bob. He looks like the cross between an overweight Ken Masters from Street Fighter and Dr. Eggman from Sonic the Hedgehog. I fully expect to see “Face Sit” as a special move.

Digital Battle has a scan of the semi-Mario outfitted porker himself. The magazine says that Bob used to be a good-looking martial arts pro, but he could never take down the big guys. Discouraged, he left for some time and came back bigger than ever, ready to take the Iron Fist Tournament #6 by storm. 

GuitarAtomik’s Destructoid community blog post “Tekken 6’s Bob!!…In Full Butterlust Action!!” has scans from more pages of the Arcadia Magazine (Japanese) spread this news came from. You may be suprised to see that the big guy can kick some ass. Note the fancy digs Bob’s sporting from the Big and Tall Store in the lower left corner of the picture. Classy.

Dale North