Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection online add-on available on PSN

Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection was a shining example of what a fantastic service Sony would provide for PlayStation 3 owners. Next to the recently released Warhawk, it stands as one of the only console downloadable game experiences that feels like an actual retail product. Uno this ain’t.

Well, today it just got better — for $9.99, owners of Dark Resurrection can add an all-new online battle feature. This will effectively give basement dwelling mouth breathers the chance to test their might against opponents worldwide. Also included in the add-on are a survival mode, and the practice mode you’ll need if you plan on whipping yourself into shape for online play.

For those who have yet to download the fighter (which is drool worthy in full HD), the full game bundle (including the online pack) is also now available for $19.99. Let the s**t talking and PSN tag swapping begin in the comments, folks.

Nick Chester