Teh Bias: Blog recap

August is over, and PAX is almost upon us. As August ends, so too does this month’s Musing — Teh Bias. Again, we got a lot of great submissions, and even though not all of them were able to make the front page, I encourage you to go through the archives and read what you missed. You can find all of August’s Monthly Musing blogs below. (If I accidentally forgot one, which is always possible, please let me know in the comments and I’ll add it.)

As usual, September’s topic will be live tomorrow afternoon or evening.

Andre Navarro: A Black and White World of Wonders
Spykron: Blizzard Entertainment
JDefined: FF8 > FF7, because it’s mine
ShadeJackrabbit: Mystery and Adventure
Caspulex: The HD Generation
SAMA1984: Let the Classics Be
Winged Kraby: DS>PSP
GoggleKnocker: Apathy
Gilthalas: The Five Stages of Bias
It Doesnt Take 5 Seconds: 8
Dr. Light ate your Magicite: STFU!
Dexter345: The Evolution of Dexter’s Bias
ThaJinx: The Simpler Things
SAMA1984: Respect Me
PvPPY: Ninten… no
Gilgamest1317: Activision (contains sad kittens)
Beyamor: Fünke
Kytherno: My biased confessions and such
Stevil: Starting at the Ground Floor
garethxxgod: Beat ’em Ups
VGFreak1225: Inside the Mind of the Retrogamer
manasteel88: Nippon Ichi Software, Dood!
fulldamage: Big Heroes
TriplZer0: Why my 360 is Gathering Dust
knutaf: An Xbox Fanboy is Revealed
Dennis C Scimeca: Realistic Military First Person Shooters
Son of Makuta: Making War and Love
AwesomeExMachina: Critical Errors at Surface Level
Brandon Holmes: Gamers vs. the World
chaotical: A Rush of Blood to the Hand
Kimicario: Line Up, Soldier!
mgspada: A Rare Overcoming of Bias
corduroy turtle: Mommy, where does bias come from?
burningsoup: Dem Floatin Platforms
EdgyDude: They Don’t Make’em Like They Used to Anymore
LawofthermalDynamics: No Other Option
the7k: Old School Character
GeekyJuuu: There Was a Hole Here. It’s Gone Now.
Manic Maverick: Walking with the dead
kurokotetsu: A Good Thing
Xandaca: We are the fanboys
randombullseye: An Idyll by Josh “randombullseye” Hayes

Thanks to everyone who participated this month!

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