Teenager steals 9K from his grandmother and buys a Wii: Nintendo cries

In what can be only be labeled as further evidence that moral decay is at an all-time high, comes news that stealing money from one’s own grandmother is still alive and well in America. Word out of the Dayton Daily news is that an 18-year-old teen out of Troy, Ohio not only robbed his grandmother of $9,045 over a period of months — but also decided it was a great idea to purchase (among other things) a Nintendo Wii with the money.

Luckily for Mr. Buckner, his grandmother is a lot more forgiving than most. While the judge was ready to give him his due, when all was said and done, the teen was slapped with five years of community control, and forced to pay the loss back to his grandmother in monthly payments of $150 dollars each.

I’m not sure what amazes me more: the thought of him stealing from the one person who took care of him for over 10 years, or that fact that he felt it necessary to obtain that kind of money to buy the best value on the console market to begin with. Wonders never cease.

[Via Gamerush]

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