Teenage World of Warcraft fan sexes up married lunatic

We have another story of f*cked up World of Warcraft players doing f*cked up things, so sit tight and enjoy the show. A 42-year-old married mother of four flew across the country to meet a 16-year-old boy she met on the fields of Azeroth. The boy ran away from home after his parents expressed concern (how dare they?) at their son hanging out with married broads who he met on the Internet. 

After a year of online courting, Lauri Price flew from Texas to meet Barrie teenager Andrew Kane, who defied his family and ran away to do the bad thing with her. Before eloping, Kane left a letter to his family assuring them everything was alright and telling them that their fears were “ill-found.” His mother heard the front door shut as he made his escape and ran around the street at 1:50am, repeatedly shouting her son’s name. 

The pair were found two days later at a movie theater by police after a public appeal. Price has not been charged with anything since the relationship was deemed legal but “unsavory” by the law. It has also come to light that Kane lied about his age. Police say that Price thought her Warcraft lover was 20 as opposed to 16. As for Kane, he was put into counseling, but has remained adamant he found his “soulmate.”

Unfortunately, Price has a history of finding “soulmates” through World of Warcraft, with one former lover claiming she was “very sexual, emotional and clingy.” Despite what Andrew Kane thinks, it doesn’t seem that he’ll be the last. 

This is definitely how all World of Warcraft players act. All of them. 

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Jim Sterling