Teen tastes brass knucks over a PlayStation 3

An 18-year old male was punched in the face with a set of brass knuckles and received a kicking from four men over an alleged dispute concerning the ownership of a PlayStation 3. The young man apparently walked up to a group of thirty men in Greensburg and briefly spoke with them before four of their number instigated the assault.

Jamie Fabiszewski Jr, Adam Reese, David Weimerskir and Nicholas Anthony Iapaluccci have had arrest warrants issued for them by Greensburg police. Fabiszewski is said to have started the beating, breaking a bone near one of the unidentified teenager’s eyes. 

Although videogames and violence are, in the grand scheme of things, very rarely linked, it’s a shame when they legitimately are. Still, it takes some balls to go up against thirty men. Methinks the lad has been playing a bit too much Dynasty Warriors

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