Tee off with your friends in new online game Gimme Golf

Skill Technology, a start-up founded last year by six Midwesterners, recently announced open beta sign-ups for their first game, Gimme Golf. Designed for the casual gaming market, it looks to combine a fun and intuitive game of golf with social networking and cash prizes. Players can practice their putting and driving on a variety of golf courses designed just for the game, while picking from a number of in-game characters that each have their own unique skill set and personality.

I know that the cynic and skeptic in me came out when I last reported on an online sports game. But to be honest, the initial screenshots and press release (below and after the jump, respectively) look pretty good. I like the game’s semi-realistic art style — the press release mentions “hand-painted graphics” — and Destructoid’s readers certainly know something about being part of an online community.

The game can be played for free, but you can also enter into tournaments with up to 50 participants to win as much as $1,000; the entry fees start as low as $1. You can sign up for the beta by heading over to the game’s official website, https://www.gimmegolf.com.


Socially Interactive Site Allows Players to Connect with Friends and Compete for Cash

CHICAGO—March 11, 2008—The grass just got a lot greener for casual gamers. Gimme Golf, a new online golf game from Skill Technology, allows players to connect with friends and compete in tournaments for cash.

The socially interactive site allows players to experience several 18-hole golf courses featuring hand-painted graphics that create a never-before-seen golfing world.

During a 20 minute lunch break, players can compete in a foursome with friends, or in a tournament of up to 50 people. Entry fees start as low as $1 and cash winnings can be up to $1,000, although the game can be played anytime for free as well.

“We wanted to create a site that would combine the best of both worlds,” said Jeff Clapper, president, Skill Technology. “Gimme Golf offers players a virtual golfing community and the option of playing for real cash.”

To add some flair to the fairway, a cast of highly stylized, in-game characters feature real world quirks, diverse golf skills, and distinct personalities.

Skill Technology, LLC was founded in 2007 by six enthusiastic entrepreneurs with a passion for fun. Skill Technology develops tournament games designed to connect, challenge and entertain.

Samit Sarkar