Tecmo’s RPG Wind of Nostalgio trailer makes me nostalgic

Tecmo has just dropped the newest promotional trailer for their upcoming DS RPG Wind of Nostalgio (Nostalgio no Kaze in Japanese) on their Japanese Web page. If you haven’t already hit play yet: get ready for RPG lust.

This game, a collaboration between Tecmo, Red Entertainment and Matrix, the makers of your beloved Final Fantasy IV DS port, looks like an epic RPG clusterf*ck. Staff members that made hits like Grandia, Fatal Frame, and Sakura Taisen are all working on this. From this staff, a game about dog sh*t would be good.

This is an RPG dream: there’s airships, guns, epic music, world travel, and a 19th century setting. Skies of Arcadia fans take note: there are airship battles. Are you touching yourself yet?

This game is slated for release in November in Japan. No word on an English language version yet. For now, check out the Japanese Web page.

Are you filled with do-want-ness over this trailer?

Dale North