Tecmo ponders motion control for Ninja Gaiden series

Tecmo Koei, let me stop you now. Don’t go down that path. Wipe the dollar signs from your eyes.

Tecmo Koei president Kenji Matsubara spoke with Play magazine recently, and they discussed Sony’s motion-sensing technology announced at E3. Matsubara expressed interest in the tech, but says that he would have to test it to see if it would be a good fit for their games, like Ninja Gaiden.

“I’m very interested in the new motion-control technology announced at E3, but we really need to know how responsive it is,”  said Matsubara. “I’m sure that for casual games these motion controls will be very popular, but for action games like Ninja Gaiden we need quick responses and if you’re swinging your arms around like you’re using a sword you will soon be tired.”

He makes motion tech sound like something he wants to work up to: “Maybe we have to change the playing style and check the technology to see how quick it can be,” he said. “So, at first it will be casual games and then maybe hardcore games and we have to prepare for that and provide the games to satisfy that playing style.”

Or you could just, you know, leave it the way it is with the buttons and all. Right now, Ninja Gaiden is difficult for all the right reasons. Don’t change it and make it difficult for all the wrong reasons.

[via NowGamer]

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