Tecmo Koei buying Atelier developer Gust

Koei Tecmo Holdings (better known to you as Tecmo Koei) has announced that it shall be taking Japanese studio/publisher Gust under its wing. Gust is best known as the company behind the Atelier series of twee roleplaying games. 

The deal will be finalized sometime mid-month and Tecmo Koei plans to “raise the value” of the already successful Atelier IP. The company has a history with Gust, acting as its distributor in the past, so hopefully this won’t mean much for the games themselves — despite some fans already lamenting the death of the series. 

The last Atelier game I played was Iris: Eternal Mana on the PS2. Hopefully TK will keep the series coming to North America, as I really wouldn’t mind playing another. 

Tecmo Koei To Acquire Gust [andriasang]

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