Tecmo and Koei are making out, should be ripe for merging in two months

It was an unexpected move when Tecmo refused Square Enix’s takeover offer and instead announced it was jumping into bed with Koei, but it would appear that things are running smoothly between the house of the button mashers and the house of the physics-defying breasts.

As of September 17, a committee was set up to get cracking on official integration talks. The committee wants employees to demonstrate their abilities and show how they can “best serve the company in the future.” That sounds suspiciously like a more friendly-sounding “prove that we shouldn’t fire you when we merge” request to me, but I don’t really understand business. 

A committee has been formed to oversee the business of the two newly-merged companies, comprised of the presidents of both companies (acting as joint-chairmen) as well as executive representatives and non-executive representatives of both companies. This integration will allow employees to demonstrate the full extent of their abilities, so as to best serve the company in the future. This committee is expected to produce a concrete integration scheme for unifying the two companies in the next two months.

Looks like we’ll be having Ninja Warriors Xtreme Volleyball Legends before you know it.

James Stephanie Sterling