Technos’ legendary brawler Double Dragon available now on Nintendo Switch

Bimmy and Jimmy return

HAMSTER take another step toward their goal of releasing 800 classic arcade games with one of the most recognisable names of all-time: Double Dragon, which launched this week on Nintendo Switch.

Released by Technos in 1987, the scrolling brawler is a oft-mentioned memory by those who recall converging in dimly-lit arcades to guide brothers Billy and Jimmy through the mean streets, beating down members of the Black Warrior gang, on a quest to rescue kidnapped buddy Marion.

I repeat (ad-nauseum) that I was fortunate enough to grow up in the arcade era. I spent most of my formative years pumping coins into countless games, many of which I still revisit today. I do have fond memories of Double Dragon, but I personally don’t think it holds up well today. The genre would be perfected in following years with games like Final Fight, Vendetta and Violent Storm, all of which stole the template of the Technos’ classic and markedly reworked it.

Undeniably, Double Dragon is absolutely a trend-setter and a genuinely iconic title, more than deserving of a place in the arcade Hall of Fame. Today, it still has a cool soundtrack, fun visuals and pulls on serious nostalgia strings. This re-release features local co-op, so you and a chum can play through a legitimate slice of video game history.

Double Dragon is available now on Nintendo Switch, priced at $8.

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