Teaser trailer for Gamecocks upcoming WWII stealth game Sabotage [Update]

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Out of all the games I got a chance to see at EIEIO, Sabotage was by far my favorite game of the bunch. It’s very fresh for a World War II based game and absolutely beautiful in graphics and the art direction. 

The trailer for the game doesn’t show a whole lot, but I can tell you that everything you see is in game graphics, none of it is CGI cut scenes. From what it seems like, the trailer here is keeping up with the theme of the entire game being a flashback. The main character, Violette, is retelling her story from a hospital bed so the trailer is just maintaining that unique since of story telling.

I’d like to also point out that the game looks like it may come out in January now as opposed to September as I was told. Of course, release dates are never set in stone so hopefully it does come out very early next year. It should also be noted that the indie developer Replay Studios is now a part of the Gamecock family. At the time of my visit with Replay, they told me they were invited to EIEIO so they could have a place to show off their game and weren’t apart of Gamecock. Now, the two are happily married and will be giving birth to an amazing game some time next year. 

[Update: I just got sent the press release (after the jump) announcing Gamecock and Replay Studios joining forces as well as 3 news screens. Check them out!

Cockpit, Austin, Texas – August 22, 2007 – Today Gamecock Media Group announced an agreement with Replay Studios of Germany to publish its upcoming stealth-action title Sabotage on the PC and a next-gen console. Based on real-life British secret agent Violet Szabo, players will take on the role of Violet Summer as she risks her life behind German lines during WWII. Breathtaking visuals combined with highly intelligent AI and a fully interactive environment offer players a plethora of options in felling the Third Reich.


“Not only is Sabotage a visually beautiful game, but it has some incredibly innovative gameplay that will certainly be a welcome addition to the industry,” said Harry Miller, el presidente de Gamecock Media Group. “The team at Replay is incredibly passionate about this title and that’s exactly why we want to work with them.”


“After we had the chance to participate in Gamecock’s EIEIO event, we knew we really wanted to work with them,” said Sascha Jungnickel, creative director at Replay Studios. “They’ve been totally supportive of our vision and how we want to create this title.”


The game experience plays out through Violet’s mind as she lay prostrate in a hospital bed towards the end of the war. Gameplay takes on an air of surrealism that affects every detail, from the washed out backdrops to vivid combat sequences. Violet’s strengths lie in her hand to hand combat, clinical marksmanship and a few other surprises she’s got tucked in her sleeve.


Sabotage will be launching fall 2008, for more drop in to www.sabotage1943.com.

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