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Tears of the Kingdom Voice Actors & Cast List

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While many Nintendo series, The Legend of Zelda included, have traditionally tended to forgo fully scripted voice acting, often in order to give the player a sense of projection onto the characters, recent Switch release Tears of the Kingdom actually has quite a large cast, lending their dulcet tones to the many allies and enemies Link encounters on his trip through Hyrule and the Sky Islands.

That said, identifying these cast members requires a little detective work, as Nintendo also leans on the frankly archaic method of keeping its credits close to its chest. Fortunately, the actors themselves are more than happy to speak of their pride in being involved in this epic, highly successful release, and so many of the performers featured have since identified themselves on social media.

And so, in what will be something of an ongoing, work-in-progress guide, here is the cast of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, listed alongside each character that they portray in-game.

Tears of the Kingdom Identified English Cast

  • Link – Kengo Takanishi
  • Princess Zelda – Patricia Summerset
  • King Rauru – Chris Hackney
  • Ganondorf – Matthew Mercer
  • Prince Sidon – James D. Mortellaro
  • Yona – Lauren Mayfield
  • Makeela Riju – Elizabeth Maxwell
  • Josha – Maya Aoki Tuttle
  • Purah – Catherine Higgins
  • Tulin – Cristina Vee
  • Yunabo – Joe Hernandez
  • Impa – Andi Gibson
  • Teba / The Great Deku Tree – Sean Chiplock

Still to be identified

  • Cherami Leigh
  • Amelia Gotham
  • Daniel Riordan
  • Heather Gonzales

Of the above, only Amelia Gotham has appeared previously in the series, portraying a much-loved character in The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild. It is more than likely that Leigh, Gotham, or Gonzales are performing in the role of Queen Sonia in Tears of the Kingdom. But this guide will be updated as these and other roles are identified.

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