Team Sonic Racing details story and challenge modes

Are you up to Dodonpa’s challenge?

Sega has released more details and screens related to its upcoming asphalt-searing title Team Sonic Racing. The new info gives us a better look at the recently-revealed Team Vector as well as the many modes headed to the title this December.

First we have some render shots of Blaze the Cat, Silver the Hedgehog, and their crocodilian captain Vector, chilling out next to their slick custom vehicles. Team Sonic Racing will put an emphasis on its team builds, allowing characters to work together in order to ensure that they’re first to the finish line.

The roster of anthropomorphic heroes have been invited to the racing tournament by the mysterious Dodonnpa, who doesn’t at all look like Dr. Robotnik in disguise. Adventure Mode will allow players to race through the narrative story, unlocking new chapters and tracks by completing challenges. This mode can also be played through in co-op, which is a nice addition.

When you feel you’re ready to brave the world of online racing, you can do so in standard Exhibition races, seven track Grand Prix tournaments, or Time Trials, where you can challenge the scores of your friends or some of the world’s top players. You can check out a gallery of images below. Team Sonic Racing launches on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch this December.

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