Team Ninja: Ninja Gaiden Sigma will demonstrate the true PS3 potential

I’m not sure what is going on with all of the posturing as of late, but it seems that everyone at Team Ninja are way too eager to convince us that they are the Alpha and the Omega of videogames. We saw this the other day in Itagaki’s interview with Game Informer, and now we have the following quote from the director/producer, Yosuke Hayashi to add to the sound bytes:

“It is Team Ninja’s policy to push a console to its limit and set high standards. Team Ninja wanted to make Ninja Gaiden Sigma the best action game it could be, and push gaming standards to its upper limit. That is why we chose to make the game for PS3. I have heard much criticism of the PS3, but I am confident that Ninja Gaiden Sigma will demonstrate how powerful the PS3 really is.”

Now I’ll be the first to tip my hat in Team Ninja’s direction for the beauty that is Ninja Gaiden, but come on — how about a little humility. You are starting to sound like Team Arrogant, which is really throwing a pipe wrench in my whole antiquated view of the Japanese developer who is humble, yet proud of their work.

Yes, the PlayStation 3 is a beast — we understand that. However, is a remake of a remake with a fresh coat of paint going to be the one game that shows the Xbox 360 and Wii guys what they’ve been missing out on by ignoring the PS3 since its launch? It’s possible, but highly doubtful.

Then again, I could have this all wrong. Ninja Gaiden Sigma might just cause PS3 owners to scramble for a governor to prevent their consoles from redlining and giving up the ghost. We’ll just have to wait this one out and see what the future holds. In the interim, I’d like to see Team Ninja buddy up with Miyamoto, and see if his personality can rub off on them a bit. They already seem to have the talent part under control.

[via CVG