Team Ninja has three new titles in the works: Studio isn’t dead yet

According to Tecmo’s new president, Itagaki’s former stable Team Ninja has three new videogames in the works. Despite the loss of its leader, the studio will continue, although we don’t know quite what it has up its sleeves, with no dates, platforms or details announced. All will be revealed at TGS, though.

Team Ninja is the jewel in Tecmo’s arguably small crown, and has been responsible for the vast majority of its success. Without Itagaki, and with other personnel known to have abandoned Tecmo, it remains to be seen whether Team Ninja can sink or swim on its own. Whatever these three games are, you have to believe they’ll be seen as a test of resolve for Ninja, and a true indicator of the effect Itagaki’s resignation has had on Tecmo’s software future. 

Who wants to bet the games will be three different variations of Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball?

James Stephanie Sterling