Team Ninja fixes Nioh 2 PC crashing issue

They were looking into it earlier this month

Remember when Team Ninja said it was “looking into” reports of Nioh 2 crashes on PC? Well, they looked into it!

Ironically, the bug was introduced with a prior patch, leaving Team Ninja to scramble and find a fix for it. That very fix has been implemented as of now, as part of version 1.27.1. These changes have been applied to the Steam/PC and PS5 editions of the game.

It’s not a super exciting patch, as everything is intended to squash issues entirely. I’m talking crashes (including a rare one when folks were “raising their level to 750 while using a mouse” – obscure!), and just plain old random crashes. There’s three separate bullet points for crash fixes, and one of them was triggered “in certain environments.” That sounds…common!

The PS5 fixes involve “other minor bugs,” but also address 120FPS problems where “certain enemies” were going crazy when the framerate was jacked up. Ah, designing frame-perfect action games isn’t easy!

Team Ninja [Twitter]

Chris Carter
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