Team Meat hints at Super Meat Boy PC characters

There are a few new items on the Super Meat Boy PC front, and we need your help to figure out what they mean. Now that Captain Viridian and Mr. Minecraft have been unveiled, there are four more exclusive characters left.

Team Meat left this teaser: “one of them sticks, one of them dashes, one of them changes form and one of them isn’t organic.” Yeah, I don’t even know. Also, “one of them might not be as indie as the rest.” What’s more, they posted an image detailing a handful of the new achievements.

One of them presumably has to do with the minus world levels; I’m scared. Uh, what else? Super Meat Boy is expected to hit Steam during the last week of this month, and Team Meat is hoping to get the level editor out sometime in December. I don’t think these guys even sleep anymore.

[Thanks, Danny T]

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