Team Meat dev to walk across videogames for fundraiser

Rare prizes! Red Dead Redemption! A dog!

Tommy Refenes’ is one half of Team Meat (Super Meat Boy, Mew-Genics, Super Meat Boy Forever). He has Type-1 Diabetes. So does his Mom. She’s had it for 32 years, and over that time, she’s suffered from progressively worsening levels of Neuropathy.

In Tommy’s words, Neuropathy is “…a general deadening of the nerves. The way this most affects mom, besides her not realizing that she’s hungry, is by making it almost impossible for her to anticipate where her blood sugars are and treat them before they get out of hand. Hence, you have the extremely high and extremely low blood sugars.” That’s why his sister Jaime is trying to raise funds for their mom to get a diabetic alert dog. The dog will be able to sense when Tommy’s Mom’s blood sugars are getting dangerous before she does. 

Tommy is a cantankerous loose cannon and a hopeless curmudgeon, but he’s not going to sit idly by while his sister takes on this fundraiser alone. He’s helping out by streaming three games for three nights (Oct 9th, 10th, and 11th at 8pm PDT) and giving out rare Meat Boy prizes, like the out-of-print Super Meat Boy #1 comic and “weird Russian versions of Meat Boy.” If he runs out of prizes, he may even give out stuff he has lying around the house. I heard he’s got a pretty cool drawing of Conan lying around somewhere. 

The games he’s streaming are Red Dead Redemption, GTA: San Andreas, and GTAV. His plan is walk across the map of each game, one game a night. Not run. Walk. This may sound like a bad idea, but Tommy says “I’ve done this once with GTAV and it took about 2 hours and 44 minutes and was surprisingly fun to stream.” Sounds like a rare opportunity to see some games played in a unique manner while getting to know a world renown game developer, all from the safety of your own home. What, you’ve got something better to do on a Thursday night? 

Jonathan Holmes
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