Team Ico looking for help with new PS3 title

This morning, a tip came flying into the Dtoid offices with all the fury of a blazing shard of space junk. It was titled ” NEW SCREENSHOT FROM ICO 3 OMG !!1111!!!” (or maybe that’s how my mind translated what I read. Actually, that makes a lot more sense. At any rate, the “new” screen is above, which I can’t confirm or deny as a new Ico 3 screenshot.

What I can tell you, however, is that Team Ico is seeking assistance for a new project they are working on for the PS3. Frankly, that’s more exciting news to me than any screenshot. More rumors abound on the Team Ico Gamers website about Sony having over “20 secret projects” and Team Ico being responsible for two of them, but once again the source is simply not solid.

I had a shocking revelation as I typed the above: I realized that Team Ico could announce a cell phone game and I would download it without hesitation. The idea of them working with the power of the PS3 is a true thrill. More on this as it develops, but for now I think a replay of Shadow of the Colossus is in order.

[Via Team Ico Gamers

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