Team Fortress 2sdays: Time to put on your lucky pants

Welcome to another exciting edition of Team Fortress 2sdays!

Every Tuesday, a bunch of us Dtoiders hop online and play Team Fortress 2 on the official Destructoid server; hey, you should join us!

Last week was a ton of fun. At one point the server was so hopping, I couldn’t even find a spot! Hit the jump to check out the recap gallery (thanks to all who sent in screens!) and join us again tonight for some more mayhem!

Here’s what’s on the docket tonight!

Time: 8 PM EST (join earlier if you want!)

Badwater Basin (PL)
Badlands (CP)
Barnblitz (PL)
Black Mesa (CP)
Coldfront (CP)
Dustbowl (CP)
Gold Rush (PL)
Gravel Pit (CP)
Harvest (KOTH)
Nucleus (KOTH)
Sawmill (KOTH)
Steel (CP)
Thunder Mountain (PL)
Upward (PL)
Viaduct (KOTH)

Note: Hate any or all of the above maps? Fret not! Our maplist — like the rest of our server — is always evolving! If you don’t see your favorite map/mod/whatever, head on over to the Team Fortress 2 thread in our forums and let us know what you’d like! After all, it’s your server, too!

Also, we’d love to recap this week’s events during next week’s post, so take lots of screenshots and email them to andydixon[@]! Who knows, you might even see your very own giblets appear on the front page!

We’ll see you online!

M Randy