Team Fortress 2sdays: preparing for pyromania

Every Tuesday a bunch of us Dtoiders get together and hop online to play some Team Fortress 2 on the official Destructoid server! You should join us!

This week is an exciting time for Team Fortress 2 players, it’s the week of a new update. These updates are like christmas, except instead of waking up anxiously wondering what is under the tree we get to involve ourselves in some of the most ridiculous Alternate Reality Games imaginable. Seriously, this time involved combining bananas in order to make QR codes. Sadly, this means that every server for the next two weeks is going to be filled to the brim with pyros.

Want to get in on your last chance to not get burned on sight? Hit the jump for details on this week’s play session.


Port: 27015

Early Match
Time: 8 PM EST

Late Match
Time: 12 AM EST


Extra special thanks to Hank Hill and BaseballFuries for sending in screenshots. Swishiee recorded the session again this week over on Streamtoid so go check that out..

Spencer Hayes