Team Fortress 2sdays: Big love

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Welcome to another exciting edition of Team Fortress 2sdays!

Every Tuesday, a bunch of us Dtoiders hop online and play Team Fortress 2 on the official Destructoid server; you should join us!

In case you missed it, Valve updated Team Fortress 2 last week with a very special item in honor of Valentine’s Day: a $100 dollar diamond ring! Now, if you’re anything like me, you’ve no doubt received dozens of these in your backpack in the last seven days and are having trouble deciding whom to betroth. Well fret no more! If there’s one thing I’ve learned from PFC William Hudson, it’s that nothing bad happens when you marry multiple people; just go for it!

Once the honeymoon’s over, however, don’t forget to stop on by for some Team Fortress 2sday action! Hit the jump to see what’s in store tonight!

Here’s what’s on the docket tonight!

Port: 27015

Early Match
Host: PFC William Hudson
Time: 8 PM EST

Late Match
Host: Mr Andy Dixon (Steam: Mr Andy Dixon)
Time: 12 AM EST

Badwater Basin (PL)
Badlands (CP)
Barnblitz (PL)
Black Mesa (CP)
Gold Rush (PL)
Gravel Pit (CP)
Harvest (KOTH)
Nucleus (KOTH)
Steel (CP)
Thunder Mountain (PL)
Upward (PL)
Viaduct (KOTH)

Note: Hate all those maps? Fret not! Our maplist — like the rest of our server — is always evolving! We try to change things up a bit every week, but even still, if you don’t see your favorite map/mod/whatever head on over to the Team Fortress 2 thread in our forums and let us know what you’d like! After all, it’s your server, too!

Also, we’d love to recap this week’s events during next week’s post, so take lots of screenshots and email them to andydixon[@]! Who knows, you might even see your very own giblets appear on the front page!

We’ll see you online!

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