Team Fortress 2: Time to Meet the Scout. BONK!

During my preview of the new Team Fortress 2 map, gametype and Medic weapons, Valve showed off the new “Meet the Scout” video. Before watching this video, I always thought of the Scout as the weakest member of Team Fortress. Now, I’m totally afraid of him. Seriously, don’t bonk with the Scout.

“Meet the Scout” is the fifth in the Meet the Team Fortress 2 soldier series. It started off with the Heavy Weapons guy and his love of his giant gun. Then the Soldier came around and showed us he liked to collect heads. The Engineer showed of his musical skills after that. And then we were left off with the alcoholic Demoman.

More Meet the episodes are planned until all of the soldiers in Team Fortress 2 are showcased. What did you think of the latest “Meet the”?

[Thanks, timdabrat!] 

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