Team Fortress 2 Sniper update is next in line

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It’s a shame Valve’s April Fools’ Day joke (full image here) ended up being a exactly that, because it would’ve been pretty damn hilarious to see it actually implemented in Team Fortress 2. Oh well, the Sniper class is getting an update (not a joke), and it promises to be the biggest update yet.

Another update with content for all classes should be out before the Sniper gets his new unlockables, but you know how that goes. Keep it in the back of your mind for now, I guess.

Speaking of things that ought to be released when they were originally promised, Xbox 360 users are being assured that the fabled TF2 update is still being worked on. What’s the hold up, you say? Valve’s Greg Cherlin tells us it’s mostly an issue of not going over the 360’s memory limit.

“We’ve found a couple of nifty ways to get back a bunch of that memory, but it’s turned out to be a lot of work, and that’s what most of our time is being spent on,” he says. “In the meantime, we’re going to get a code update out to address the server cheating that’s going on.”

Godspeed, Valve.

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