Team Fortress 2 patch alert: Spy side-stabbing is back

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Dammit Valve, I cannot help but get the feeling that I’m going to be stuck spreading the word about your Team Fortress 2 patches and class updates for years to come. At any rate, there are easily a million worse things I could be doing with my time, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The latest patch brings a number of notable fixes and tweaks, including the following: Spies can now side-stab again, the flamethrower’s flame effect won’t stay on when it’s not being used, and players can’t “duck spam” any more. I’m not exactly sure what duck spamming is, but I can only imagine it looks kind of funny.

Don’t forget to take a look after the break to see the full patch notes — that way you’ll know what to expect the next time you boot up Team Fortress 2.

[Via Shacknews]

Gameplay changes

  • Added a duck timer that prevents duck spamming while running around on-ground
  • In-air, players are only allowed to duck once before they touch ground again
  • Fixed several bounding box issues with jumping, falling, and rocket jump air-walking. Bounding box should be much more accurate there now
  • Increased backstab check so that Spies can side-stab again
  • When disguising, Spies now always start showing the primary weapon in their disguise, and can then switch it with the last-disguise key

TF2 Fixes

  • Fixed flamethrower loophole that resulted in the flame effect being stuck on while the flamethrower wasn’t really firing
  • Fixed exploit that allowed players to circumvent the force-fire timeout on the pipebomb launcher
  • Fixed a bug that caused Natasha’s slow on hit effect to be inverted from 75% to 25%
  • Restored sawmill_logs.mdl file, fixing some user maps that used it
  • Fixed some localization issues with Scout achievement strings
  • Removed the “Final” phrasing in the map loading screen

Engine fixes

  • Fixed a server crash on startup under Linux
  • Fixed a buffer overflow issue related to network string tables
  • Gamestats uploading is now done asynchronously. This fixes the client timeout issues on map changes


  • Fixed an exploit where engineers could build a teleporter exit in an invalid area
  • Fixed a few bad overlay assignments and other minor issues

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