Team Fortress 2: Meet the Sandvich

Adding to the Heavy update goodness, we have got another brilliant video from Valve. This time around, it’s “Meet the Sandvich.”

The Sandvich is the first unlockable for the Heavy included in today’s update. Each Sandvich you eat heals you by 120 health, and your supply is unlimited. However, the Heavy will be prone to attacks during the four seconds it takes to eat a Sandvich and you cannot bring along your shotgun if you opt to pack the nutritious sack lunch.

To recap this massive Team Fortress 2 update (which is now live), there’s the Killing Gloves of Boxing, 35 new achievements, an unlockable gun named Natascha, the shiny new map Badwater Basin, and lastly, TF2 Arena.

It’s a shame more developers don’t dish out free, game-changing updates on a regular basis, but hey, not everyone can be Valve or Criterion Games.

[Thanks, MATTFOO and KamikazeTutor!]

Jordan Devore
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