Team Fortress 2 Engineer update: Manual sentry control

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Yesterday was the first official day of Valve’s buildup for the Engineer update. Of course, I took the day off to recover from Earf Day shenanigans, and I’m somehow the only person on staff who’s willing to talk about Team Fortress 2 even though I don’t play it any longer. I know, right?

So, let’s take it from the top — otherwise it would just be weird. During this week, players have a chance to randomly craft a golden wrench. It turns its victims to gold, guys. For every 25th wrench created, Valve will reveal more info on the update, and at the time of writing, we just hit number 50 (of a total 100).

Also revealed on day one was “Frontier Justice,” a new shotgun. Now, onto today’s breakthroughs: there’s a really cool-looking Payload map, “Upward,” and “The Wrangler” — taking the place of your pistol, this weapon gives you direct control over sentry guns, among other things.

Point your eyes toward this page right here to learn more, young one.

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