Team Bondi looking for smart people to work on L.A. Noire

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Something is a’brewing on the L.A. Noire front. Details on the PlayStation 3 exclusive title have been hard to come by, but if Team Bondi’s recruitment drive goes over well, we could be swimming stream of knowledge in no time. (I’m assuming that if people are hired to work on it, the game will come out sooner.)

Right now, the studio responsible for the game are advertising numerous jobs on their Web site (via CVG). Most recently, Team Bondi is looking for animators, artists, and designers. If you’re interested, check out this page.

Eleven months ago — I believe that’s an epoch in Internet time — Team Bondi put up a small blurb on the Web site’s front page mentioning that L.A. Noire is in its “final production phase.” Let’s hope that it’s still there because, well, the game sounds and looks hot.

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